Friday, October 28, 2011

Creepy Crawly is Good at our #HEXBUGHalloween Party

I don't like bugs..

I do not want them in the house...

But, I will make an exception for the Hexbug Nanos!

Now, I have to tell you that I had heard about Hexbugs, but we didn't have any. I really wasn't sure what we were in for, but the party kit arrived and we were on our way to having a creepy Hexbug-Halloween!

An assortment of Nano Galileo Hexbugs, Nano Halloween Zombie bugs, 2 habitat sets and an elevation habitat set... as well as batteries and a few larvae bugs.

I was surprised at the Hexbugs. Surprised and intrigued. Watching them move around the track they looked very bug-like. The random, jolting movements were fun to watch and my kids were mesmerized. Once the lights went off both the sets and bugs glowed for even more fun. Oh, yeah. We are hooked.

 So, we invited our friends over with their children for a night of Halloween cookie decorating and bugs.

I loved that both the girls and boys were interested in the Hexbugs. There is so much energy in these little mechanical bugs and it mirrored the energy of our party guests.

The Limited Edition Hexbug Zombies were fun. Packaged in little coffins with exoskeletons on top of a normal Nano, they glow in the dark along with the track. Just perfect for some Halloween fun. Be sure to grab a few before they are all gone.

...and what about the cookies? Well, it was frightfully fun also. Yes, my son just went straight for the black

So what was our overall impression? Very favorable for these little guys. The Nanos were so cool, we have ordered a few of the original Hexbugs to play with. The Inch Worm should arrive any day and we are all excited to see how it moves.

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*Disclaimer - I receive a products in order to throw my party and conduct an honest review from Hexbugs -Innovation First Labs, through my membership in MomSelect and  MommyParties. All opinions are my own.
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