Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finding my Way Back to Writing

Why do I write?

I was a little girl who loved to write. I had journals upon journals filled with dialogues, ideas and characters. I fancied myself an author.

Though, no one else read it.

I wrote because I loved to read. I had a passion and appetite to read anything I could get my hands on. Reading was a free ticket out of my small town, out of my house and an outlet for my imagination. Because I fell in love with books and they profoundly impacted my thinking, I wanted to write.

As I got older my English teachers were less encouraging. My creative writing assignments were not as good as I thought they were. I felt confined by page numbers and red ink.

I stopped writing.

I guess I grew up and changed my priorities. The books I tried to sneak in but I was losing my fire for the written word.

Then I had my children and the books were boxed up.

I quickly learned that a newborn won't sit still for a story. So the TV became a steady guest in our house. It kept me company as I took care of my baby and adjusted to life as a Stay-at-home mom.

But, a magical thing happened. It was small at first. A page, then two. My son became interested in the little board books. Then he asked for them to be read. He even would sit still long enough to enjoy them. So I read. First about sushi, then Goodnight Moon. It was a start.

Now the stories are longer. They aren't always written on thick cardboard. I have even started reading more in my spare time. The ember has started to smolder and catch.

So here I am. Signed up and on day 13 of NaBloPoMo. It may just be a start, but I am writing again. I enjoy it and can almost remember what it felt like to write when I was younger. I have no aspirations of being a famous author anymore. Instead I aspire to writing and chronicling my life, thoughts and food.

I am sure every writer has a path that lead them to where they are. I first wrote about the simple and tangible world of food. Now I am branching out into the rather shaky ground of parent or family blogging. No shortage of inspiration. I blog for myself out of an almost lost love of writing. I hope to find that passion again here.

I would love to hear why you write? Leave me a comment below.
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