Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cepia LLC's 12 Days of "hottest" holiday toys - ZhuZhu Pets

These are the toys that started the craze. If you don't understand the excitement surrounding these mechanical hamsters, then you probably don't have a young child. I was sceptical, but now I understand how much fun my children have with them. They scurry, they chirp, they are unpredictable... Today is day 4 of Cepia LLC's 12 days of their "hottest" toys.

Affordable, small and cute, these would also make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the child in your life. So, shall we get started? Today I want to spotlight today's featured toy:

ZhuZhu Pets!!
 A classic gift that is sure to make your child smile, ZhuZhu Pets are conveniently priced at $9.99, making them a great stocking stuffer! Look. The Zhuniverse is expanding! Check out everything ZhuZhu related at www.zhuniverse.com 

Meet the Newest ZhuZhu Pets:
Kids can enjoy hours of imaginative play with ZhuZhu Pets. Press their back and watch them go: ZhuZhu Pets scoot and scurry around. Each ZhuZhu™ has its own name, birthday, biography, and special collector's code so kids can collect them all. Plus just in time for the holidays, the Zhu-niverse is getting bigger with new characters that come in even more fun COLORS!

  • Greenbean: a green cutie with a love for veggies, a turnip is his symbol; it's no surprise that Greenbean is a farmer. His most famous crop: green beans, of course!
  • Friday: a sister to Wednesday and Thursday, Friday is a pretty pink triplet, who loves chocolate chip cookies
  • Toodles: A fan of playing "make-believe," Toodles owns her very own theater, in which she is the main star! There are no limits to this ZhuZhu's imagination
  • Hervey: A fan of the finer things in life, Hervey owns his own culinary school, where he can educate ZhuZhu's on the teachings of fine cuisine
To learn more about ZhuZhu Pets, click HERE!

*Disclaimer - This post makes me eligible to win Cepia LLC toys. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received. 
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