Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MommyParties sponsored by Pregnancy 2.0 - With Britax, BabyPlus & More!

With new babies comes a bunch of gear needs. When I was pregnant with my first the brands, products and my baby registry was a bit overwhelming! Luckily MommyParties was able to send me a fabulous hosting package to share with our friends and their new babies. Yes, there were babies everywhere!

There were so many great products available for guests to touch, try or take home provided by the companies. I know personally since my son was born products have changed and improved. As we look at adding on to our family it is time to start the great baby gear search again. So this was very timely.

All of the sponsors for this party were very generous with their great products. I was so excited to share them with our friends and try them out for myself. Included were Britax, Baby Plus, Snuggle Buddy and Xlear Inc.

Snuggle Buddy sent two adorable security blanket/toys. One of our little guest was happy to test out his little puppy. The other plush went home with a little girl for her new baby sister.

Chewable, cuddlable and made by Rashti and Rashti, they are an award winning friend for your little one. I love that they have varied textures and contain a rattle for great feedback during play.

Of course the Britax B-Agile Stroller and B-Safe Infant Car Seat were a big hit. Once the boxes arrived it was hard to wait till the party to assemble them.

Even though there was no shortage of help, the Britax products took no time to assemble. The B-Safe Infant Car Seat was ready to go straight from the box, and the B-Agile Stroller just needed the wheels attached. It took less time to put those on than to get the boxes open.

I love that the stroller holds a child up to 55 lbs. My daughter is two and under 30 lbs. She fits wonderfully so this would be an excellent investment for a newborn.

I was also happy with a nice, long sun shade that covers the baby's head well. When compatible car seats are being used the shade covers them completely.

Of course we also let others try it out. I think this is a product that speaks for itself.

As for the car seat? Well, I think we were all impressed with how slim and short it is. That is a definite bonus if your have multiple children in your car. It is also light weight and the handle is long enough to carry easily. It is a definite upgrade from what I used for my other children.

Britax also sent their Britax Baby Carrier in black along with the seat extender insert. I love baby wearing and was excited to see a trusted name like Britax getting in on a great trend like that.

I was impressed with the washable big over the top, yes the entire carrier is washable, but who wants to wash that regularly? This will cut down on a lot of wear and tear. The bib eliminates the need to tuck a burp cloth in front of the baby if they are forward facing, which I like. This product works from 8-32 lbs.

I was so excited to be sent a Baby Plus Prenatal Education System. I used one during both of my pregnancies. I didn't notice any changes or updates since my model which is fine since I don't have any complaints about mine.

The device fits securely in a waist pouch and has lessons to be used throughout the pregnancy. A pamphlet is included to keep track of your progress with suggestions for the use schedule. I wore it during work with my first pregnancy and made it part of a relaxation break during the day with my second. This new Baby Plus is going to a special someone and I hope she gets as much use out of hers as I did mine.

Also, what is a party without favors? All of the sponsors sent me brochures of their products, there were some great coupons and discount codes and Mommy Parties supplied me with goodie bags, recipes and themed activites.

Xlear Inc. sent samples for all my families to try out. We had Kid's Spry Tooth Gel and Dispensing Pacifier, Saline Nasal Spray as well as Spearmint Spry gum. All their products use Xylitol which is recommended by the American Dental Association.

This Pregnancy 2.0 party from Mommy Parties was a great chance to have some friends over and talk about something we all love, BABIES! ...and the stuff that makes caring for them just a little bit easier.

A big thank you to all the gracious sponsors who make these parties possible. Thanks again to BritaxBaby PlusSnuggle Buddy and Xlear Inc.

*I was chosen to host this Pregnancy 2.0 Party from Mommy Parties. All opinions are my own and I was not required to post favorable reviews. Your experiences may vary. Products were provided, but I did not receive any monetary compensation to host or post.

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