Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cepia LLC's 12 Days of "hottest" holiday toys - ZhuZhu Princess Characters

Here is a cute, girlie twist on the original toys. These appeal to my daughter who loves all things sparkly, pink or pretty.  Today is day 5 of Cepia LLC's 12 days of their "hottest" toys.

We don't own any of the toys in this line, ...yet. I am sure there is one little girl on my list who would love to get a toy from the,

ZhuZhu Princess™ Characters:
ZhuZhu Pets would like to cordially invite you to the Zhu-niverse™ court, where new ZhuZhu Princess characters are making their grand introduction.

  • Sebille the fairy godmother: Princess Snowcup's fairy godmother, Sebille is loyal to her princess. White with pink accent, she's a pretty companion with a castle symbol
  • Serenity the unicorn: Prince Dashington saved this purple unicorn. Now eternally grateful, Serenity is Prince Dashington's most trustworthy companion on all his quests! 
  • Aloysius the wizard: over three thousand years old, Aloysius the wizard sometimes makes mistakes when casting spells: He frequently boils his shoes instead of ingredients! However, when the prince and princess are in dire need, Aloysius always saves the day!
  • Lyric the butterfly fairy: a witch tried to turn Lyric into a snail, but her beauty, grace, and kindness made the witch's plan backfire and turned her into a magnificent butterfly fairy: Her symbol is a butterfly too!
 I think the stories behind the characters are charming! It is a cute way to get my daughter creating her own fairy tales.

*Disclaimer - This post makes me eligible to win Cepia LLC toys as part of a MomSelect campaign. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received. 
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