Friday, December 2, 2011

Crayola Innovative Holiday Gift Pack #Giveaway #MyBlogSpark

Creativity, color exploration and self expression... in other words, "Play". I want my children to play everyday and one of my favorite brands is Crayola.

Okay, my love affair began with my sharp new crayons as a child. I have shared that love with my children.

But, Crayola is much, much more than just crayons!

I was sent an amazing package of craft products to get my children creating and having fun. From the Telescoping Crayon Tower, Crayola Jewelry Boutique, Crayola Glow Book, to the Ultimate Art Supply Kit these are all amazing ways to bring a child's imagination to life. Check these out, along with other great gift ideas on the Crayola Holiday Gift Guide Website.

The hardest part was deciding what to try first! My son was really excited about the Crayon Tower and Art Supply Kit, so we started with that.

I had a large carrying case of crayons as a child, so it was nice for my son to graduate from the standard boxes to a telescoping tower. It is a great way to see the rainbow of possibilities as well as find the perfect shade faster.

My son was especially drawn to the sparkly colors not found in the average box.

The only drawback I found is there isn't a lid or cover for the tower. Inevitably, these are going to take tumble and spill everywhere. It is not a big deal, but I would love to see Crayola add a cover that slips over the top to keep the crayons in.

Of course once he spotted the scissors in the art kit, he went from drawing to cutting random sheets of paper. He is such a boy!

I love the Art Supply Kit! This is on my list for gift giving to my son's friends. The kit contains markers, paints, a paint brush, colored paper, glue, colored pencils and crayons. This would be a perfect set to take to Grandma's house or for a rainy afternoon activity.

This was the first time my son had colored pencils. He was impressed. Of course, markers were a huge draw and I wish they had been the washable style.

Drawbacks? Well, I have 2. First, I would love to see a cover for the paints. The tray is open which will allow for quick drying, but also means things can fall into the paint. My second wish is that the black art supply holders in the case were attached. My son isn't coordinated enough to close the case on his own without the pieces falling out. But, at the price, I saw these retail for around $16.99 and you can't beat that!

I would love to suggest both the Crayon Tower and Art Supply Kit for Grandparents and Parents alike trying to find things to occupy their children during holiday downtime. Waiting for dinner? Mom busy decorating? Let the kids fill that time with crafts.

I was also sent a Crayola Glow Book.

I am impressed with this product! We haven't had a chance to get it out with the kids but I did play around with the plates myself. With glow-ink markers a simple animated scene can come to life.

It comes with a tracing guide, wipes off easily and requires batteries. It is marked for children 6+, but I think a slightly older child would understand the concept a little better.

This is one I am going to enjoy with my younger children until they are old enough to do the animation themselves.

  I also was sent a Crayola Jewelry Boutique. This item created a lot of buzz in our house.

You can make your own jewelry? That blew my kids away. 

This item fit in so perfectly with my Christmas mission this year. I want my children to be involved in creating and giving the gifts. We are only buying supplies and making everything ourselves. With my  supervision we are going to be creating some personalized bracelets and necklaces for family members. I am so excited!

I think this kit not only makes a great gift, but also a great idea for creating gifts for others. 

Sorry, everyone. No pictures to show in case family members are lurking online.

Giveaway Time!

Okay, so are you ready to go get some of these Crayola products right away? Well, just wait. I have one set to give away to one lucky Adventures in All Things Food reader. 

Follow the Rafflecopter prompts below. As always, I love your comments below but they do not count towards the numbered entries. Good luck!

*Disclaimer - The Crayola Innovative Holiday prize pack, product information and prize pack for giveaway have been provided by Crayola through MyBlogSpark. All opinions are my own.
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