Saturday, December 17, 2011

We Survived Holiday Shopping, Just Barely!

I pried myself on shopping early. The last thing I wanted to do with young children was to drag them along a holiday shopping trip. Confident everything on our lists were crossed off, I had started to relax. I focused on the food, decorating, cleaning.

Then it hit me!

The kids hadn't shopped for each other...

My children are only 2 and 4, but I think it is important for them to spend a little time shopping for each other. Not necessarily easy to do, but we are making an effort.

We could have shopped online, but I thought they might enjoy browsing the toy aisles. What was I thinking?

The stores are insane right now! Not only were the aisles packed with last minute shoppers, but there were stockers, boxes and pallets of toys to restock everywhere! Somehow we managed to each take a child and let them do a bit of secret shopping.

This year my focus for the family is on giving, not just receiving.

The kids? They did really well. Each had about a $20 limit for their sibling. I think my 2 year old had the most fun and her brother will love the gifts! My son, 4, was more interested in his own wish list but my husband was still able to help him stay focused.

Next year I would like to do this round of shopping earlier. I don't really enjoy the craziness in the stores the week before Christmas. So many boxes, empty shelves and panicked parents is not my idea of fun.

Is all your holiday shopping finished?

 If you have small children, do they shop for each other?

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