Friday, January 13, 2012

Creepy Toys... Do You Have Any? #BlogDare

Creepy toys, they are definitely out there. So, are there any in your kids' room?

I have worked hard to keep the real freaky toys out of our toy box. Of course there is a wide selection of bug-eyed dolls in the toy aisle, and gooey, slimy things that slither and make my son giggle at the toy store, but so far I have been able to keep them all out of our home.

When I was about 8-years old my Grandma sent me a life-sized plastic talking doll. I think I was terrified of the thing from the moment I unwrapped it for Christmas. It sang "Mary, Mary quite contrary" and giggled, but the doll just wasn't right.

It probably had something to do with watching Poltergeist with parents and being scared out of my gourd, but all my fears seem to have attached to this big doll.

It wasn't long before the batteries started to wear down and her voice would crack and warp. The songs and giggles transformed into my waking nightmare. I remember covering her with piles of clothes so she couldn't watch me at night and then hiding under the covers worried she would be angry about it.

I still don't know why my parents didn't just get rid of the doll or change the batteries.

That doll left quite an impression on me.

When my son was a year old someone gave him one of the interactive learning puppies. Push his paw and he would count, push his tummy and he would sing the alphabet. My son wasn't really interested. I didn't think much of the toy until a few months later as the batteries wore down and the puppy started to go off randomly.

Yes, I said randomly.

I could be across the room and the puppy's slow and cracking voice would start counting. Immediately it took me back to my childhood and that creepy doll. I think every hair on the back of my neck was raised.

You better believe that batteries were taken out and that toy was tossed!

Yes, our home is a creepy-toy free zone! ...and I plan to keep it that way.

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