Monday, January 30, 2012

#Mamavation Monday - I Agreed to...What?

I love a good challenge...

But, what did I sign up for? ...more on that later...

Tonight is the Mamavation Mom Campaign 11 Twitter Party All. It begins the journey for the lucky ladies voted to be the next round to go through the 7 week boot camp. I was there, I put in my time and am happy to be supporting the next round of gals go for it.

Where: #Mamavation (use the hashtag on twitter)
When: 5-7 pm PST
Go to Mamavation to RSVP for fun prizes.

So for Week 1 I plan to be a good girl. Okay, a really good girl. ...don't laugh. I actually will have a little help with it as I workout with the Mamavation Moms.

Yes, that is the "what was I thinking" moment.

I have to admit that this body has put a little more on and the ups and downs of my scale have not inspired confidence in me. I already have the meal plans that Alysa made for me during my Mamavation Mom campaign, and I plan to work with that for this week's eats. But what I really need to do is lace up my tennis shoes and get moving.

Watch on twitter as past MM's tweet their support and sweat with the current gals. I even plan on restarting my nightly journals. This girl needs some accountability. Be sure to check out what the new Mamavation Moms are up to in their nightly journals. Comment love is so important!

Tomorrow I hope you join in, tennis shoes on, water bottle in hand to start out Week 1 like champions! You CAN do it!

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