Monday, January 30, 2012

My Birthday Wish... #BlogDare

My Birthday is still a long ways off... no, I am not fishing for anything in particular.

Writing with the Blog Dare prompts has been fun. I haven't hit every day... not all topics inspired me to blog about. I really only try to post something worthwhile. Okay, even my musings should be slightly interesting. Or, so I hope. Today's prompt really got me thinking. Now I know what I want for my Birthday this year!

My birthday wish is simple. Completely impossible, but simple anyway.

I want to do nothing.

There, I said it.

Now, I could just "do nothing" any old day of the week, but there are consequences. And I am not a fan of consequences.

I wake up in the morning and rush to diaper, dress and referee the quarrels between my children. Then downstairs we make breakfast, then snacks, then I clean. Cleaning and chores are interrupted by more refereeing, disciplining and entertaining. Which leads to food preparation and more cleaning.

Usually by 4pm my children are waking up from nap and I wonder what happened to my day as I get started on dinner. Then the evening slips away as I clean, clear and do more entertaining.

In the past when I have attempted those "do nothing" days (aka I was sick), the family doesn't understand and still needs me to referee, discipline and entertain them. The chores go un-done and the cleaning piles up.

So in order for me to have my birthday wish, no strings attached, it would require my family to do the unthinkable... they would need to play on their own, get along, feed themselves and pitch in.

Now, is that so much to ask for my birthday?
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