Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nigella's Lazy Loaf - Gutsy Cooks Club

This week I found 2 amazing recipes to make for the Gutsy Cook's Club. This would be the second fabulous treat I tried and loved!

First of all, I am a huge fan of Nigella Lawson. I have a few of her cookbooks and love that she pours her heart and soul into real foods.

I also had to try anything called a "Lazy Loaf", especially when I read the list of ingredients. Lazy? ...and healthy? Count me in.

What makes this special? Well, apart from it being super simple it is made with Muesli. I don't usually have that in my pantry, but it was easy enough to find a raw version in our bulk food section at the grocery store. I went ahead and got a little crazy by throwing in some additional dried cranberries.

6 ingredients is simple in my book...

This was practically the "dump cake" version of bread. Everything got dumped in together, mixed and then plopped in a greased loaf pan. *Plop*

Think thick oatmeal. I had some reservations, but my Muesli was already committed...

The next part was fun. It goes into a cold oven for a while and rises... then, without taking it out of the oven, crank up the heat and let it go for another hour. Then open the oven door to get a glimpse of pure "lazy" magic.

Tah-dah! This sucker is like a lead brick. If you have weak wrists, get help.

But inside? Amazing!
It reminds me of the expensive "healthy" bread my folks used to buy when I was young. It has a thick crust, but a dense and soft inner crumb laced with the nuts and sweet dried fruit from the Muesli. I was blown away.

...and I was in love.

So far I like it best lightly toasted with a swipe of butter and homemade peach jam. I highly suggest taking a peak at the recipe yourself. I will be making this again. Next time I might throw in a bit of cinnamon. Yum!
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