Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Blues? Family Game Night Rescue #CBias #CouchCritics

The rainy Oregon weather has put a damper on our family activities. But this week we threw a family game night with our XBox to keep things fun. I was excited to do this with #CouchCritics.

This was my first time renting a game from Redbox. I am no stranger to the rental kiosk, but have only used them for movies. After browsing available games online, I selected Sonic Generations since it is rated E for everyone and I thought the characters would appeal to my son. I love that I could reserve a copy which saved us from driving all over town in the rain.

Of course, we couldn't have a game night without snacks. My kids both love popcorn, so we grabbed Orville Redenbacher's Ultimate Butter Pop Up Bowls. 

The kids also wanted Snack Pack Pudding for dessert. That is a staple at house. My son loves the Lemon and my daughter and I are fans of the Chocolate pudding.

Usually we play the XBox Kinect games since the controllers are harder for small fingers to understand. With a little help from Daddy I am was proud to see my son doing a great job with Sonic Generations.

Before long my son was playing on his own and he enjoyed the action. Sonic is such an iconic gaming character and I loved the vibrant colors and action in the game.

Even for young children, the game is self explanatory - Sonic is super fast, rings are to be collected and friends need saving. My son loved the fast blue of Sonic. Because he is younger we only made it through a few levels that evening, but what we did play was fun. Whether he was jumping over crabs or battling bugs he just wanted to go fast.

This game allows for two Sonics to be played by one player. This was a bit over his head so we stuck with just one. If we bought this game I know he has more to play and explore. He definitely won't become bored with it easily.

The only issue we had was the game only allows for one player at a time. It was captivating enough that everyone waited patiently for their turn, but I wish it had been a two player game to get more people involved at once. Even my daughter had her turn with a little help from Daddy.

After the great snacks, exciting game and priceless family time we were ready for dessert!

Snack Pack Pudding is always a hit here. Even if it does get a little messy. The rich flavors satisfy my sweet tooth and I love that they contain no preservatives.

It is quite the compliment in our home if food ends up all over the kids' faces. I know my daughter really enjoyed hers.

Family Game Night was a great way to spend our evening. Redbox gave us a simple way to sample the latest games and Con Agra foods provided some crunchy and sweet treats we all enjoyed.

You can see even more of our Family Game Night fun in our Google + Album.

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*Disclaimer - This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I love renting games from Redbox. My kids get bored really easily so they are always looking for new Wii games to play. This way, they can just rent it when they want to play and it doesn't cost us an arm and a leg purchasing a game they'll only use a handful of times.

  2. So fun! :) I love family nights.

    Ginger @

  3. I do movies from Redbox from time to time but I always forget they have games, too!

  4. How fun! I think I have a similar picture of my daughter with pudding all over her face :)

  5. Sonic and Snack Pack puddings? You rock, Mama! :) I appreciate you sharing your Redbox experience. We've never tried renting from a kiosk and frankly, I didn't realize they have games. My in house gaming expert is always craving something new. What a fun what to give him a treat or to test a new game!


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