Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project 365 - Day 22 (Too Much Snow)

Today was the first weekend there was enough snow in the mountains and we had a free day to head up to the snow. Our skis and snow shoes packed and the kids were all excited about our Sunday adventure...

Well, it was an adventure...

Low visibility, high winds and snow everywhere. We actually only made it out of the car to hit the ski resort's bathroom. There we found they had lost power and I had to navigate the restroom with my 2-year old and a the light from my phone. We dashed back to the car and promptly cranked up the heat and slowly crawled the car back down the stormy mountain.

The snow on the car door and blanket accumulated just with the door open to fasten the kids in car seats.

It was biting cold outside! Next time I hope we can actually get the skis on.
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