Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review - Purex Triple Action Liquid Detergent

Got laundry?

I do! I do!! ... a lot of it actually.

Can you tell me how 4 people, who wear clothing and pj's daily, can create a mountain of laundry for me to face every morning? Multiple loads, tons of food stains courtesy of my busy toddlers and a farming husband, keep me busy all day and usually folding into the evening.

As a Purex Insider I am always eager to try out their new products. I'm looking for detergents that are not only cost effective but extend the life of my children's clothes. Those shirts and pant knees take quite a beating!

The new Triple Action Laundry Detergent does both of those things.

Using the best parts of Purex's cleaning formula this product is half the price of the leading brand. Doesn't that sound great? Well, especially if you are running the washer from sun up to sun down like me.

I was sent a bottle of Free and Clear, and there is also Mountain Breeze scent. Our home is fragrance free due to my husband's sensitivities, but look for the new formula to be rolled out across the entire line this fall, so you will be able to find you favorite soon.

Safe for High Efficiency (HE) washers, a little goes a long way. I have used the smallest amount on all our loads and have been happy with the results. Most of my children's stains have become just memories.

As usual Purex has made me a happy mama... now if only they could come over to do my laundry for me I would be on cloud nine. Until then I'll be happy to just keep up to date with their latest and greatest products. "Pureclean. Purevalue. Purex."

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Thanks Purex!

*Disclaimer - Purex provided a free sample of their Triple Action laundry detergent for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and I was not required to write a positive review.

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