Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Spring Goals are Green - #BlogDare

Spring, or thinking about Spring always inspires me to start planning out the year's garden.

Now, I don't need a garden. But, I want a vegetable garden every year.

You see my husband is a farmer. His job is to grow vegetables and fruit so when I ask every Winter to buy seeds for my garden it always comes with a, "You know I grow that, right?"

When I was a little girl we moved every other year or so. Every place we lived, no matter how small it was my Mom planted a garden. She grew up with my Grandpa being quite the gardener himself. I heard many stories of his massive rhubarb plants and gorgeous flower beds as I was growing up. My Mom continued the tradition and supplemented our evening meal with the fruits of her labor. It was an exciting departure from the frozen or canned veggies usually featured at our meals.

Many evening conversations centered around what activity there was in her raised beds. What was blooming, what was bearing and what was almost ready to be picked. It was almost like keeping track of our favorite football team, except our updates sounded delicious.

In a home we lived in without a yard, my Mom asked the landlord if she could utilize an adjacent empty lot. Every Spring she planted, no matter what.

So now I continue the tradition. Every Spring I plant. My children watch the tiny seeds going into the ground. They help me weed and then pick the vegetables for dinner.

So, I don't need to garden to feed my family. We could easily go out into the farm fields and pick it just as fresh, but I still want to garden.

I love passing down the tradition to my children. My wish is for them to feel the need to plant when Spring rolls around, too. My goal this Spring is to go green... from my thumb to my elbow. It is a great activity that brings me even closer to the food I give my family. It just seems so natural.

Do you garden? What are your Spring goals? I would love to hear them.

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