Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nutrisystem wk 14 - On the Go! (#NSNation)

This past week was great! I was more active and enjoyed some great food. I can't believe my time with Nutrisystem is coming to an end. Really? 14 weeks? Already? Sadly, yes.  As a part of the Nutrisystem Blogger Program I have had the chance to try some great food options, work on my portion sizes and enjoy losing weight. What I haven't really done yet is travel.

Until now.

As we plan and pack for our annual family vacation I am excited to pack my Nutrisystem food. Why? Because it is one less thing to worry about.

Shouldn't a vacation be easy?

Our room includes a microwave and small refrigerator. So we are packing our breakfasts, lunch and snacks. I will also have a stash of desserts from my Nutrisystem pantry selections. Since I stay home with my children and cook for them during the day I haven't had a chance to fully utilize the pantry selections. Now I am so grateful to have them for traveling.

Some items like my cup of fettuccine needs hot water and the microwave. Other items just need a quick zap in the microwave to heat up. I can pair these items with fresh fruit, vegetables and yogurt we are bringing.

I can't wait to enjoy some fun family time with my family. I am very happy that food won't be an issue for me. Usually on vacations we eat out at restaurants every meal which leaves me feeling sluggish, bloated and just adding to the waistline. This time around I won't have the same worries.

Last week I lost .7 lbs. Yay! That brings my total so far to 10.4 lbs. Not too shabby.

Check back next week as I recap going on the road with my Nutrisytem meals and share my weight loss update.

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*Disclaimer - Nutrisystem is providing me with 4 months of their program as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program in exchange for writing about my experiences. All opinions and experiences are my own, your results may vary.

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