Saturday, May 26, 2012

Take Back Your Inbox - Can Help #CBias

Armed with a cup of coffee and still trying to get the sleep out of my eyes I sit down to tackle my Gmail inbox every morning. I dread this task. Why? Because each morning I'm smacked square in the face with 300+ new emails clogging up my inbox... and not a digital plunger in sight.


Now many of those are subscriptions, newsletters and automated lists, but dotted here and there are real emails needing my attention. The last thing I want to do is to miss out on a time-sensitive PR request or personal message lost in the mess.

A new start-up is helping me to reclaim my inbox and stop dreading my overwhelming subscription list. Called, this is the perfect tool to give me more time to spend with my family.

Currently it requires an invite to get started, and it is first being tried with Gmail users, but it can help if you are drowning in brand or marketing emails like I was. Yes, every contest I have entered or brand I have worked with I have signed up for their alerts and newsletter. At some point it got out of control causing me to spend at least 1-2 hours a day sifting through email either clicking 'delete' or scrolling down to begin the 'unsubscribe' process. I have been using for about a week and have been impressed!

So hear is my dashboard for,

During sign-up I selected which emails to go on my Daily Rollup. This is all the selected subscriptions rolled into one simple email.

Do you see I have 367 subscriptions? Yeah, it is a little daunting.

I selected things like Twitter notifications, updates, and my favorite craft store weekly deals and announcements for the Rollup. These are not things I need to read first thing in the morning. In fact, allows me to choose when my Rollup will arrive; Morning, Afternoon or Evening.

If I want to open up an email, I can do it by clicking on the line in the Rollup. I still have access to the original email and can take it off the Rollup just as easily. But, honestly, I don't really need to read each of the messages here from Amazon, do I? A quick skim of the messages in my Rollup is usually enough for me.

Also I can easily Unsubscribe to email subscriptions from my dashboard.

If you have ever had to scroll down through an email, enter a password and go through several screen only to have to reconfirm you would like to unsubscribe in an email later, you know this is much faster! After seeing my whopping 367 subscriptions I was prompted to go through and weed out some I don't need anymore. Click. Click. Click. I am now down to 346!

The third feature offered with is Subscriptions Recommendations. I haven't used this feature yet since I am really trying to lower my subscription number. Currently my recommendations are pretty generic for phone and news organizations. I hope this area is expanded in the future and more tailored to my personal preferences.

Yes, I love this service and it has cut down on my email time significantly. If you are looking for a beta invite I do have a few to share if you have Gmail or Google apps. Just leave me a message in the comment section. You can also put your email address on the waiting list and they will be sending out invites. Currently not all email is supported, but connect with them on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on developments.

 Give it a try and tell me what you think. What would you do with the extra time would give you?

*Disclaimer - This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for  Collective Bias . #CBias #SocialFabric All opinions and experiences are my own. Your experience may vary.
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