Saturday, July 28, 2012

Did I Miss Something? Assumptions vs. Reality of A SAHM

This past week has been a blurr...

No, really. Who am I? Where am I? ...and why is the house still not clean?

Actually my sleep-deprived brain fog is starting to lift, but the amount of things to do around here has only grown. My Mom is flying in for a visit and there is much to prepare. You know, shoveling out a room for her to sleep in, cleaning spaghetti splatters off the walls & ceiling, and trying to make it look like my kids are not just tornadoes in tennis shoes.

The truth is when I decided to become a Stay-at-Home-Mom I thought I would have time to bake, cook, keep a spotless house, exercise and craft my day away. My little day-dreamed utopia hasn't quite panned out. I don't seem to have a spare moment with a 3 and 4 1/2-year old running around.

When I went out on maternity leave my co-workers warned me that I would be dying to get back to work. They painted a picture of baby boredom and one of the gals went back only 2 weeks after giving birth. I was skeptical about the desire to rush right back to work, but had no idea what I would fill my days with. Soap operas and daytime talk shows? The prospects weren't too exciting.

Fast forward 4 years and I wake as early my body will allow - not that early. I tiptoe downstairs praying for a quiet cup of coffee, but usually my kids' spidey-senses are buzzing and they pad down the stairs shortly after. Then my day whirls with cries, shouts and screams of  "Mommy I'm hungry", "Mommy I want..." or "Mom! Help!".

This past week was especially difficult. Trying to organize/clean a house with needy little people was next to impossible. There was a chicken bathing incident, spills, bathroom flooding, crayons on the walls and sibling fights. Who has time for Rachel Ray when I am captaining this ship?

So, I will apologize to my Mom for the messy house. I know in my heart she will understand. Today I just plan on taking one moment at a time. Will I fit everything in? Probably not. I feel more like a fish swimming upstream during spawning season. I may just let myself float for a bit.

The reality of a Stay-at-Home Mom isn't glamorous. It isn't even fun or sane all of the time. It is an amazing job and I never know what joys or blessing in the day will come my way. As for wanting to get back to work? I have a lifetime for that. Right now I am busy with my kids.

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