Sunday, September 9, 2012

Motivated Monday - How Do You Beat PMS Symptoms?

This week I want to talk about the inevitable. I exercise, I am trying to make healthy choices but one week a month I feel like I lose control of not only my body, but my mind and my motivation.

Cramps, bloating and fatigue are not exactly helpful when facing the daily workout. Besides wanting to eat my weight in chocolate and carbs, I also want to curl up and go back to sleep. Sadly, almost none of these will actually help my symptoms. With a little research on Google here are some tips for making the most of "that time of the month" that worked for me.

Exercise - This might sound silly when you don't even want to move, but getting up going for a walk might do  you a world of good. Increased blood flow and good endorphins abound with this simple act. I went for my usual walk, but slowed down my pace a bit. Afterwards I definitely better. I even had more energy and was ready to make some better choices later in the day. This was a clear winner.

Dark Chocolate - Yes, I crave chocolate, but usually reach for the milk variety. Dark chocolate has antioxidants making it not only a healthier way to give-in to my cravings, but delicious as well. I usually go with 70% or higher, but have to find a balance between healthy and still tasting good.

Flax Seed - This is one I hadn't heard before. I usually throw it into my bread, my smoothies, etc. anyway, but flax seed helps to minimize the production of prostaglandins, which might contribute to cramps. They do increase blood clotting. So I threw an extra handful into my mid-morning smoothie snack filled with extra antioxidant loaded berries.

Dark Leafy Vegetables - This is one I have always heard works for cramps and I usually try to eat them daily. Dark leafy greens like kale, spinach or broccoli contain calcium, and or magnesium. I try to keep them around and have a stash all chopped up and ready to either steam or grab as a raw snack. In the past I noticed these work best if eaten before my cycle starts, but I am sure they don't hurt to snack on while having an "off" sort of day.

Lemon Water - Drinking water can help flush out that bloated feeling but I like to add slices of lemon to mine. Lemon juice is a natural diuretic and can help with water retention, plus, I love how fresh it makes plain  water taste.

Of course, when all else fails I do love my Aleve... or Naproxen Sodium (if you are looking for the generic version).

Okay, how do you deal with PMS symptoms? Any good tips or tricks?

Weekly Update:
This was not the best week for me. I never found my energy or motivation having gone from being sick to my time of the month. I hope by continuing my daily walks and eating well I won't backtrack, but will keep going  - even if it is just slow and steady. I wanted a bigger number, but I can't complain.

GOAL: 175lbs  - Current 208.6lbs  = 33.6lbs to lose
        9/2                Current 204.8lbs = 29.9 lbs to lose
        9/9                Current 203.4lbs = 28.5 lbs to lose

I lost 1.4 lbs!!!

I have already promised my grad challenge buddy, Angela, I am going to work my behind off next week to make up for this. Remember, my weight also affects her in this challenge. I have already done my meal planning so now I need to concentrate on my water, sleep and exercise. Wish me luck!

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