Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Learning Fun With Cypher Kids Club Interactive Letter Cards - #CBias

For the holidays, long trips and to fill our free time I am always looking for fun and educational products for my children. My son is 5 and will be starting kindergarten in the Fall. My daughter might only be 3, but she is just as interested in learning as her older brother.

Both my children have PKU, which can effect the brain and the ability to learn, so making learning fun and interactive is important to me as their mother. I love when a product doesn't make me choose between letting them have fun, or having them learn. When I can combine both it makes all of us happy.

If you have apple products; an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, the #CypherKidsClub might be a great new tool for your children as well. Portable and easy to use, from the first time my kids tried Cypher Entertainment they were engaged and excited about practicing their letters.

I ordered my set of interactive 3D cards through the Apple Store. They currently offer both Letters and Numbers.

The cards require a Free app download. I went ahead and downloaded the app before the cards arrived so the kids could use them straight out of the box. There is a code to scan and download the app right on the box though, so it is easy to get set-up when they arrive, as well.

The cards arrived and the kids couldn't wait to see how they worked. I was very happy with how easy it was to order from the Apple Store, and my cards arrived within 4 days.

Of course, you could use these just like regular flash cards for a quiet activity or even a game. We identified each letter by name and the picture on the front of the card. I have the kids help me keep them in order by singing the alphabet song as we organize them.

My daughter had to look over her brother's shoulder as he played. It was easy enough for both of them to chant along with the letters and see the screen on my iPhone. Though, my 3-year old still likes to hold onto the physical cards themselves I know she wants to get her own hands-on time.

My son loved the interactive side of the Learning Cards. Placed letter side down, the phone app reads the special 3D marker and Digi and Beebot appear to introduce each letter, both upper and lower-case, as well as a word and image associated with that letter. We used the "C" card and Beebot magically turned it into a car that could zoom across the screen. Like other augmented reality apps, this one allows the user to move the device around and see different angles and follow the action as long as the card is in view.

You can see the app and cards in use with my 5-year old in this video. He demonstrated the "A" card which included an astronaut.

The Cypher Kids Letters 3D Interactive Cards have been a huge hit in our house. My son has asked to play with them everyday. I love that even though he knows his alphabet, these are helping to reinforce the sounds they make and prepare him for reading. They are also a great way to pass the time and fitted with some kid-friendly headphones I would be willing to let him use them while waiting at the doctor's office, when eating out or on vacation.

The interactive cards will fit easily in my diaper bag and I think another set or two would make great stocking stuffers for my kids or their friends this Christmas.

You can purchase your own set at the Apple Store.

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