Monday, December 31, 2012

Motivated Monday - Still Here... and Still Motivated!

Yes, it has been two weeks.

2 crazy weeks of illness, holidays, storms, internet outages and general mayhem. Basically, life as normal.

This is the time of year I start thinking back upon my accomplishments and goals from 2012. I like to think about all areas of my life, fitness included. Many people set their fitness and health goals at the new year, and  I think, done right, it can be healthy. Of course, I try to be realistic and specific with my goals.

I hit a little bump this past year... well, baby bump to be more accurate. It wasn't unwanted, but still took me by surprise. I think Mother Nature took a little longer than I had hoped. Things are set for the end of Spring to welcome baby #3 to our family.

Did it slow me down? Well, yes. Did it change my motivation? Definitely.

2013 for me will not be about a size, a shape or skinny jeans. It is a year to be healthy and happy both mentally and physically. I expect to go through many more changes... from pregnancy, to birth and then breastfeeding and juggling another little person for our family walks and exercise. It is a challenge I am up for. I am armed with our double jogging stroller and Ergo carrier.

My first step? Continuing to cut out processed foods from our home and diet. I finally bit the bullet and ordered my dream grain mill. Yes, I can do whole grains they way they are supposed to be done. Flour, freshly ground is living... the germ and bran require refrigeration after grinding. We are going to try to grind as needed for the added health benefits, but it is a small trade off.

I purchased a WonderMill on Amazon and our first success were simple whole wheat pancakes. It was amazing how much more filling the freshly ground whole wheat was. Yes, even over the store bought whole wheat! They had a lovely nutty flavor as well. This year we will be growing some wheat on the farm, so I look forward to fresh grain as well.

As for exercise, I am still loving the Knocked-Up Fitness DVDs, Prenatal Yoga and time on my treadmill. I can feel the changes already starting in my hips and joints, but am embracing the familiar feelings as this pregnancy progresses.

Winter is our favorite time to get out and play as a family. I am looking forward to a few cross country ski trips with my kids. Finally my son was old enough for his own boots and skis. I am such a proud mama! No downhill for me this season, but I won't be pregnant forever. So far we have only been up once to cut our Christmas tree and play. With all the snow that has been falling in the Oregon mountains, it won't be our last trip.

Exercise Goals:

  • Walking 12 miles a week+
  • 5 days a week pilates or yoga practice
  • 3 Cross-country trips out with the family
  • 5K Training for Fall
  • P90X for September

Finally I have more energy (not tons, but I'll take it!), a healthy appetite and motivation to enjoy this new baby journey. I am not sure the scale has been very forgiving over the holidays, but I am ready for the balance of exercise to appetite to shift.

Not horrible. I was 204 lbs at the end of the Mamavation Grad campaign 2 weeks ago.

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year. Don't be afraid of your resolutions... they are yours to create and challenge yourself with. They are not there to discourage or obsess over. Here is to a healthy and happy 2013!

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