Monday, December 3, 2012

Now It's Official :)

Hi everyone!

Now, I might have mentioned a few times that I had morning sickness, a recent food aversion (yeah, just in general), and was fighting some massive fatigue. Well, now I have proof.

I got my first pictures of baby #3 last Thursday.

Quite the mover and the shaker, this little one could barely sit still enough to be measured. Dancing kicking and basically showing off, this will be one active little peanut.

This pregnancy has really knocked me out. Usually I spend my free time cooking and crafting, but that has given way to napping and catching up on practically every TV series offered on Netflix.

Most notable, Pinterest browsing can even make me nauseous. Oh, fun times.

I am trying slowly to work my way back into recipe and craft blogging. The kids are just waiting for a chance to break out the glue and glitter. It will happen. But so will baby updates and a slight influx of baby related posts and gear reviews.

Luckily pregnancy doesn't last forever.

I am so excited to welcome this little person into the family and share all the best with you, readers.

I am due June 9th and hope to have some monthly updates started soon.

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