Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Family Resemblance... (2013 Photo Project)

This year is going to be about capturing our life on film. Last year I was able to stick with Project 365 for a while, but I have high hopes of catching more of our life here on the farm.

Since I am pregnant I have been daydreaming about what this next child will look like. Cleaning out my craft room I came across my husband and my pre-school pictures. We went to the same art focused preschool but were in different classes. My son is about the same age we were at the time.

It was interesting that I saw more similarities between my son and my husband, while he thought our daughter  had more in common with me.

Of course there are also features from grandparents, aunts, etc. but it is so fun to see how genetics play out. I have no idea who baby #3 is going to resemble, but I can't wait to find out.

Do your children look like you? Or are they a mixture of you and your partner?
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