Friday, January 18, 2013

Project Organized - Tackling the Craft Room Pt. 2

On the first of the month I gave you a rather embarrassing glimpse into my crafting space. Did you see the before picture?

Yes, it was bare, cluttered and not usable. A crafting space should inspire creativity and relaxation. Okay, those are my requirements. I was always frustrated with not being able to find the supplies I was looking for.

Even the closet was so crammed with "stuff" that I couldn't really find what I wanted.

So my husband agreed to put up shelves and I agreed to finally conquer this mess. Here was the improvement after the first shelf.

It was better, but still didn't give me the room to organize that I was wanting. I actually changed my mind on the shelf and my very patient husband took it down and replaced it with a wider one that also has room for hangers. He put the smaller one on top instead.

So here is my new space:

I have more desk space, my sewing machine is finally up on the table and I even have room for my studio light for getting more detailed pictures of my projects. It is the first time in 3 years that I have been excited to sit down and create. It is a huge improvement from the picture at the top of the post.

Just this morning I was browsing gorgeous craft room make-overs featured on one of my favorite blogs. I wish I had a whole room like they showed. The truth is, after having my supplies piled up on the kitchen table, or scattered around the dining room, I am so excited to have a space to call my own. Not everyone has a whole room they can spare, but sometimes a corner is all we really need.

And, if you noticed, I was even able to organize my closet.

I still have a few more touches to add to the space. I want a big cork board behind the table for tacking fabric swatches, instructions and pictures to. I also want a photo collage of my kids to look at late at night. If anyone has any suggestions for organizing scissors, let me know. I am still not sure where I want to put them. Maybe a peg board with hooks on the side wall?

Is your craft space organized? How do you organize your supplies?
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