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A Risk Worth Taking, by Victoria James - Author Interview + Giveaway

When tragedy strikes, high-powered designer Holly Carrington steps up to raise her orphaned niece. But to secure the baby's future she must return to her hometown and face the memories of all she has lost. Can small-town bachelor Quinn convince Holly to give up her big-city dreams and risk her heart, or will they set themselves up for heartbreak...again?

I am honored today to bring you an interview with author Victoria James.  A Risk Worth Taking is the first book in Victoria James' new Red River Series which features the Manning brothers, this is Quinn, the eldest's story.

This is a book with characters you will surely fall head-over-heels for and I can't wait to read the rest of the brothers' books. I had the chance to read this book and devoured it!  But now, let's learn a little more about this talented author, Victoria James.

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Here is a little about Victoria James to whet your appetite! 
Victoria James is a romance writer living near Toronto, Canada. Victoria is a mother to two young children, and one very disorderly feline. Victoria attended Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and graduated with a degree in English Literature, where she met and then later married, her own hero. After Queen's, Victoria earned a degree in Interior Design. After the birth of her first child she began pursuing her life-long passion of writing. Her dream of being a published romance author was realized last February, 2012, when Entangled Publishing bought her manuscript. Victoria is living her dream-staying home with her children and conjuring up happy endings for her characters.

Victoria, what inspired you to write A Risk Worth Taking and the Red River Series?

I wrote this book a few years ago and I've re-written it once before it was bought by Entangled. Someone 
very close to me had suffered through many losses and I was in awe of her and her husband’s strength 
and faith. People who go through really traumatic losses and go on to live life to the fullest really inspire 
and humble me. I find that kind of strength of character admirable, and I’m desperate to see people 
who've gone through so much receive the best possible happily ever after-in real life and in fiction.

Small-town settings are always my favourite to read and write. We have a place we go to regularly to
that is on Lake Erie, it’s in a small town, and every time I go I’m inspired. We take the country roads to get there and I find it so scenic and so relaxing (well, if the kids are sleeping in the backseat. If they’re awake, it’s not really a relaxing ride). Red River is loosely based on this town-including the old lift bridge that Holly mentions in the book. One day, I’d love to have an old house out in the country just like Holly!

 Who is your favorite character in the book? Who did you have the most fun writing?

That’s a hard question because I love them all! It’s like asking a mother to choose which child is her
favourite, LOL. I did have a lot of fun writing the brothers-men approach relationships differently than we do. And all three of the Manning men are strong men who, given the right woman turn into absolute charmers!

On your author bio you mentioned that you always wanted to be a writer. Which authors inspired
you? Who is your favorite romantic fiction author?

When I was young, my first favourites were Nancy Drew, the Little House on the Prairie series, and Anne of Green Gables.

I first became addicted to romance because of Judith McNaught. I devoured all of her historical
romances. I didn’t actively pursue writing as a career until my first child was born. Something about
having kids makes you feel old, LOL, so I knew if I really wanted to do follow my dream I’d better hurry up and do it!

You mentioned your coffee obsession on your blog, so how do you take it? Do you have a
favorite brand or roast?

At home I add milk-never sugar. If I’m out at a coffee shop though, I use cream. My absolute favourite is any brand of Ethiopian coffee-LOVE it!

Okay, tell us a little about your "very bad cat". How did he/she earn that title?

She was our first ‘baby’ and we really doted on her. After the kids came along, we didn't have as much time. So if she feels she’s not getting enough attention-she lets us know: last week she peed in the playroom. The week before, my two year old daughter left her jacket on the ground-and one hour later it had pee on it. We usually notice this happens if it’s been a busy day, or extra crazy day around the house. Our cat lets us know it’s time to slow down and give her a hug ;-) Unfortunately, after I've finished cleaning up cat urine, the last thing I feel like doing is hugging her!

Since my readers also love food, what Spring or Summer seasonal fruit or vegetable do you look
forward to?

We are really big believers in organic, local produce. Shopping farmers markets is a total highlight of
summer. We moved to our current home two years ago and have been so busy that we didn't bother with the garden, but this year we’d really like to carve out a small space for our own vegetables. I can’t wait for fresh berries, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Anything else you would love to share with my readers?

Well, if you like romance with a lot of heart, family, and small town charm, give my book a try! Be sure to enter the giveaway-and good luck! Thank you so much for having me, Andrea!

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*Disclaimer - I was sent a digital copy of A Risk Worth Taking from Entangled Publishing to help me write my post. All opinions and experiences are my own. Andrea
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