Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Potty Training Time: Bummis Potty Pants Instill Toddler Confidence

When I started cloth diapering, almost 6 years ago, the first cloth diapers I invested in were part of a bummis cloth diapering kit. I still have those covers and well-loved prefolds and plan on using them with baby #3 later this Spring. Now that my daughter is almost out of diapers I have been having some cloth diapering withdrawals  I just hadn't found a great solution for reusable trainers to use during potty training.


I have tried the classic "plastic pants" which were a little like my daughter wearing a balloon. They were noisy and not comfortable for her. Then we went straight to underwear which lead to a lot of spot carpet cleaning. I was searching for a product to try for this in-between stage. She was ready to train, but not ready to go cold turkey.

So I was excited to hear that bummis had a Potty Pant. My daughter is 3 1/2, so I appreciated the trim design, fun colors and little bit of added absorbent padding. She still has an occasional accident, but these were a great way to help instill confidence during this important developmental milestone. Plus, she liked the ways these looked and felt. Her picky vote was very important for success.

I was sent a L/G size Potty Pant in Pistachio Dot for my daughter to try. She is almost 33 lbs, so right in between the suggested 30- 35 lbs range.

reusable training pants

Inside there is an absorbent layer, one layer of cotton terry and one of microfiber, but I appreciate that it isn't too thick. My daughter isn't accustomed to cloth diapers anymore and this is nice mid-step between cloth and regular big girl underwear. In fact they look like underwear and only a savvy mom would know the difference. They are a pull-up style which she found easy enough to put on herself. There were no scratchy tabs or buttons for her to mess with. They also are made with an outer layer of waterproof fabric but she doesn't sound like a rustling plastic bag when she walks.

potty training

The material is stretchy enough to put on easily. My daughter is around the 50th percentile for her height and weight and we found these just a little snug around the legs. They were not uncomfortable or left red marks on her skin, but she did mention they were, "Not too big". For added accident protection, I appreciate that they were not too loose.

potty training

They fit around her waist comfortably and didn't come up too high. That is a bonus for wearing underneath her favorite pants and jeans without adding any extra bulk or "fluff".

You can see in this picture they are a little snug on her legs. These also come in XL, 35 lbs and up, which I would like to try for her next. Every child has a different body shape so I know fit may vary slightly from child to child, but I am still impressed with this training pant option and it will save me a lot in disposable pants.

potty pant review

Overall I wish I had these when my son was potty training! I would love to see more color options available in the future so I could have a whole variety available when my next child is up to bat for training time. If your toddler has chubbier legs I would suggest the next size up, but my daughter was able to use hers for 2 weeks without a problem. I enjoy that when my daughter has an accident these give her instant feedback without wetting her clothing or our furniture.

Again, I am thrilled with another bummis product and recommend this one for anyone else getting started potty training. Have you tried reusable potty training pants for your children?

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*Disclaimer - I was sent a pair of Potty Pants to facilitate an honest review. I was not required to post a postive review and all opinions and experiences are my own.
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