Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On the Time Change, Procrastination and Crafting

I thought I got through Daylight Savings Time unscathed and then it happened. The crankies set in, the whining and the general upset of our usual daily schedule reared it's ugly head this week. Someone explain to me how changing the time makes sense to young families.

Okay, it could not have possibly been a mother who thought up the idea of switching the clocks twice a year. Meal times are off, naps are a disaster and prying my kiddos out of bed in the morning is ugly. For that reason I missed my meal planning this week and am feeling even more run-down than usual. Blech.


After weeks of procrastinating my pile of knitting and crafting projects it finally hit me that I am going to be having this little guy in 3 short months! Add to that Easter creeping up on my and it is time to get serious again.

I've mentioned Natural Knits for Babies and Moms before as one of my favorite knitting books for baby patterns. I decided that I really needed a quick project to complete so chose this striped baby hat in green and vanilla. I love this knit because it is stitched up flat and done in a day. I made this for both my son and my nephew in neutral tones in natural fibers from Knit Picks.


I have a little bit of a phobia concerning my circular needles. And don't even get me started on those little menacing bundles of double pointed needles that I collect, but rarely get out. Reading and working patterns has always been challenging for me, but once I master it things are great. ...Until I put my needles down for a few years and forget everything! Next I plan on making a matching diaper cover and wool longies from another book with the hopes that I can expand my skills.

As for my knitted square baby blanket? Well, I am still a few squares short. Let's make that more than half.

My husband half joked that I peaked last month with my productivity and energy level. I blew it off, but in truth my pace has slowed and I need more time to relax. Maybe a quick daily nap? Luckily, that means I should have more time to rest and knit. Yay!

Again, tick-tock, this baby is coming in 3 months ... or less.

So procrastination has become a dirty word. I have lists to finish, items to find and things to make. This experienced mom knows that time will stand still once the baby arrives. Most items are already off the list but I still want to add some personal touches to his wardrobe and accessories.

So wish me luck and my fingers great speed.

What are your favorite baby projects for yourself or to give as baby shower gifts?
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