Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Losing my Stitch Markers, and Maybe a Few Marbles

For those of you wondering what a "stitch marker" is, it is used in knitting to denote the start of a round or mark a significant part of a pattern. Truly irrelevant to the post, but I thought you might be curious.

This week has started off with a few realizations. I am pregnant. Yeah, I know... by the 8th month though it has finally dawned on me that there is no stopping this train. I also can't just ignore all the fatigue and shortness of breath I have been experiencing lately. It isn't going away until after the baby turns 2, you know? Slowing down has become mandatory. Of course my kids are of a different opinion. The drawing on the walls, constant demands for snacks and frequent clothing changes don't give me much down time.

This means more simple suppers, more crafting to prepare for the baby (which keeps me sane!) and taking time to finally read and relax. Most days I just need to find time to put my feet up and stay hydrated. I finally started on the Knit Purl Hunter KAL and have hit a few snags. The first one being, "Where in the world are my stitch markers?".

I found these cute little butterflies on Etsy last year and thought they would make my knitting more fun than the usual colored plastic rings. But during my craft room clean-up I organized. Yeah, that generally means I put them somewhere so I wouldn't lose them. Translation? I have no idea where I put them! Small and easy to lose I am pulling out my hair trying to track them down. I really don't want to buy more. I know they are in there somewhere.

This could be the theme of the week for me. So busy and tired that I tend to move things and then can't remember where I put them. Add to that the two little people in my life who like to move things on me without me knowing and I am starting to feel like I'm losing my marbles. It is exasperating!

The good news is my stitch markers were finally found - in my sewing box of all places! Of course it took me a whole morning to track them down. Now I am faced with the mess of still being overwhelmed and out of energy most days. I guess it is a cocktail of "Mommy Brain" and 3rd trimester fatigue bringing me down.

Did you experience Mommy Brain? ...are you still experiencing it?

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