Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mom Survival: Fresh Single Serve Coffee is a Must!


As a busy mom I look forward to my cup of coffee in the morning. Of, course I use the term "morning" loosely. By the time the kids are awake, beds are made, everyone is dressed and presentable and the first morning chores are completed my "morning" cup may not make it to my lips till 10 a.m. or later.

My husband, on the other hand, is a farmer. His day begins early and always with a cup of coffee. Back when we used a drip coffee maker this meant I was reheating a rather stale pot of bitter brew. But, something is better than nothing, right?

Here is the thing. I used to be a night person, or a morning person depending upon my schedule and what I was doing. I was pretty flexible as long as I had a regular routine. As a mom that flexibility kinda vanished. Being "on-call" for anytime of day with frequent night interruptions leaves me dragging most of the time. My little bit of happiness comes from a good cup of warm, strong coffee. I don't mind adding in flavor, but a cup of plain old black coffee also suits me just fine.

I had a few favorite brands, including Gevalia Kaffe, before we bought our Keurig® K-Cup Brewer®, but after we made the switch my choices were limited. My local stores may carry a large selection of K-Cup options now, but when we got our machine, over a year ago, the options were much slimmer. Don't even get me started on the fill-your-own cups. I was always having to clean a pile of them left by my husband. Not what you call fast or convenient.

Learning that Walmart was now carrying my #CupOfKaffe for use in the Keurig® K-Cup Brewer®, I decided to celebrate with a little trip to my local store to stock up. I was sure to print off a coupon for my Gevalia purchase. Grab your own $1 off coupon for your next trip.

Gevalia K-Cups

See the box on the top shelf? I almost missed it, but the golden box is pretty distinct. I was also able to find the Signature Blend at another location. Currently you can find Gevalia for Keurig® in 3 different blends: Signature Blend, Colombia and Dark Royal Roast.

Gevalia Colombia

This weekend I tried out the Colombia, a medium roast. These are grown high in the Colombian Andes, and the beans produce a rich, bright and well-bodied Colombian coffee. This brew is big on flavor, but doesn't leave me with a bitter after taste. I can easily enjoy this coffee black or with just a little milk.

For me good coffee doesn't need to be dressed up. I really do enjoy the flavor of well-brewed coffee and Gevalia always exceeds my expectations. It is good quality coffee at a price I appreciate.


Do you want to know why single serve coffee is #1 on my Mom's Survival List? Well, it doesn't matter when I finally get around to having my cup of coffee, it is always warm, fresh and made just as I like it.

What else is on my list?  Here is what I think every mom needs daily to retain her sanity, or at least my goals for each day:

Mom's Survival List

  1. Gevalia single serve coffee
  2. A shower
  3. Hugs, Kisses and 'Thank you'
  4. A sweet treat to savor in silence
  5. Adult conversation at least once a day

Okay, I don't get all those things everyday, but a girl can dream, right? This weekend I had at least got 3 of those things crossed off the list by 10 a.m., that is a great day. I am already feeling just a little more human this weekend.

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Gevalia coffee

*Disclaimer - I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and Kraft Foods #CupOfKaffe #cbias #SocialFabric. All opinions and experiences are my own.
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  1. Nice the photo Andrea! I can't wait to try mine!

  2. there are no words for HOW I WANT.

    sign me:
    JAVA LOVAH :-)

  3. I am SO excited Gevalia is selling KCups at our local Walmart!

  4. I have a Keruig but I'm not a coffee drinker at all! I love tea, hot cocoa, and my all time favorite... chai tea!

  5. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I did meet the Gevalia Spokes man from Sweden at Blissdom. He is oh so refined and proper.

    1. How fun! I love his commercials. Wouldn't mind sharing a cup of coffee with him. ;)

  6. I'm not a coffee drinker but I still appreciate that there's a big difference between brands!

  7. I have not tried this yet brand yet in my Kreuig, I will have to give it a try - looks delicious!

  8. I haven't tried Gevalia yet - going to get on that asap!

  9. We don't do coffee but I love the single serve makers.

  10. I can't handle coffee lmao. But I do have Keurig I love!

  11. I'm cracking up, I love your picture at the top! So awesome, and I'm like you, I have to have my coffee and love my single serve :)

  12. I love that first picture! Single serve would be great at my house since my husband would drink it.

  13. My husband brews coffee every morning to wake up!

  14. I also am a HUGE LOVER of my single-serve Keurig machine! I seriously do NOT know what I would do without it! I received a few samples of Gevalia K-Cups in the mail today and can't wait to try them tomorrow morning!

  15. Coffee is a MUST in my life. I get up at 5am for work everyday. I LOVE the first picture of you and the coffee cup. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

  16. Lol, great picture! I love coffee... it is the only way I've managed to live this long! :)

  17. This is a fabulous picture. We cannot wake up without our caffeine.

  18. There's an issue - all of us are on all times of the day and the one thing we all want to talk about is coffee. Thinking we need a twitter party that requires us to sleep! Love those Kcups!

  19. Lol, love the photo! Reminds me of myself in the morning. You make a great point. My husband and I are on slightly different schedules, before K-Cups one of us was always left with the slightly cold bottom of the pot. I was thrilled to see Gevalia in single serves - especially the Columbia blend.

  20. Yum! I just got a Keurig so I am going to have to try these K-Cups!


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