Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Try Before You Buy with a Taster's Box from Goodies Co.

*This article is sponsored by Goodies Co. 

Are you a snacker? Sweet or salty? Ever get stuck in a snacking rut or can't please your family? Have you heard of Goodies Co., yet?

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I think snacks can be hard because it is often difficult to please everyone. I have purchased bags of chips or snacks only to have my family turn up their noses. Even satisfying my own snacking desires can be tough though, as my mood is always changing. Some nights I want a sweet treat, others I am looking for a good crunch or savory flavor.

I love to try new things, but hate committing to an entire bag or box of something we may not want to eat. Instead, the Goodies Co. has created a Taster's Box, for only $7/month, where you can try out 5-8 different snacks. Try them, rate them and then accumulate points you can use for a free Taster's Box or other rewards.

Ready to dive in? Well, check out some of these scrumptious boxes...

Here was the Goodies' Winter Box.

And check out the Goodies' Fall Box.

My kids would probably go first for the popcorn or chips, while I would dive right in for anything that contains chocolate... unless my husband got to them first.

I am excited to give these boxes a try. You can too, just use the promo code BLOGVIP to instantly receive an invitation.

Goodies Co. is a highly sought after monthly subscription and to get yours, you will need to visit and enter the code BLOGVIP to instantly receive your invitation. Typically, there is a waitlist to get an invitation, however through our partnership with Goodies Co. you can skip the line and get right in.  
Once you enter the code into the promo page, you will receive 2 emails from Goodies. The first will state you are in line for your invitation, the next will instantly tell you your invitation has arrived. This shows you how you skipped the line!

Please Note: Goodies Co. currently only ships to the continental US.

Ready to get snacking? I can't wait to hear what you think. When my first box arrives I will have to post a pic.

*Disclaimer - This post was sponsored by the Goodies Co., but all opinions and experiences are my own.

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