Thursday, August 1, 2013

Evenflo Won Over the Baby, and His Mom (#spon Review)

*Disclaimer - I received products from the Evenflo® Bebek®  Collection for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

This is Elliott.

Don't let his quiet demeanor fool you. He might not be able to talk yet, but he has opinions and isn't afraid to tell everyone (loudly) what they are. No matter what I like or buy, he has the final say on whether it will work for "us", or not.

He is exclusively breast fed. I feel lucky to be able to be home and able to do this. But, that doesn't mean I don't use a breast pump and bottles sometimes. My kids have never had an issue with nipple confusion, so I don't feel bad that using a bottle allows my husband the chance to share in feeding our son. It also lets us go out sometimes.

While pregnant, I craved a good dark beer, called a Ruby Stout, for 9 long months. You better believe once I had the baby I made my husband take me to our local brewpub for a pint glass. So, I pumped ahead to make sure I didn't share my cold one with Elliott. He was happy to have a little stash of milk set aside so he didn't have to wait for his dinner. The beer, by the way, tasted really good. I have plans to enjoy another with my husband soon.

I was excited to try out Evenflo® Bebek® Collection products with my son. They sent me a bottle, suitable for 0-3 months, replacement nipples for when Elliott gets older as well as 2 silicone pacifiers. This is the perfect set for another night out with my husband.

The collection was created to more closely mimic the feel of Mom. The nipples are soft for an easier latch and the one-piece vented nipple helps to reduce air bubbles from becoming trapped in baby's tummy. Less gas means a calmer and more comfortable baby. I always appreciate that - and so does Elliott!

I loved the bottle. Easy to hold and large enough inside to easily clean with a standard bottle brush. It consisted of 3 parts, which were easy to assemble. I am not a fan of liners or special parts that are hard to assemble or clean. This bottle didn't leak and is BPA-free and top rack dishwasher safe.

As for Elliott's opinion?

He happily drained the bottle. No fussing, no complaints. He also didn't have excessive gas after eating. He was won over with the Evenflo® Bebek® bottle and I am happy when the baby is happy.

Of course, during the course of the day Elliott is not always happy. Especially when it is time for me to make dinner. He is a pretty lucky little man. With two older siblings he often has entertainment and companionship while I am occupied with the household chores. But, some days it just isn't enough to keep him happy.

This was the perfect chance to try out the Evenflo® Bebek® silicone pacifiers. I was sent a 6m+ set, but picked up the smaller size at our local store. Elliott is just shy of 2 months old.

I have never had much luck with pacifiers. I have tried a few other brands in the past and none of my children have been big fans. The first one I tried with Elliott was given to me by the pediatrician when he went in for a procedure. Yeah, you can guess what procedure that was for a baby boy. He took the pacifier and wouldn't let go till after the doctor was done. Since then I haven't tried one again.

Of course, there is only so much crying I can take when I am chopping vegetables and running behind on dinner, so I broke out the Evenflo® pacifier. To my surprise that was all he needed.

I highly recommend the Evenflo® Bebek®  Collection  for your own baby, or to gift to new parents. I have tried my share of complicated bottles in the past and love the simplicity of these. I didn't have any leaking and my son happily accepted both the bottle and the pacifiers. He is sold, and so am I.

*Disclaimer - I received products from the Evenflo® Bebek®  Collection for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.
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