Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Step Back, It Will All Work Out

There are moments as a Mother that I have to throw my hands up. Some times I just want to scream into a brown paper bag or give up. Ever had those days?

With two older kids the tornado of activity moves from room to room and I just can't keep up. Add in a new baby, crying and the needs of a household - well, it can be overwhelming.

The baby, now two months old, was being fussy and crying in his bassinet. My oldest called from the living room, "Can I help?"

I laughed. "Well, you can try. He is just fussy right now." I went back to frantically folding laundry in the laundry room. Then it all got quiet. Quiet is never good, right?

My son, 5, grabbed his Father's Popular Science magazine and set himself up to read and rock the baby with his feet. He offered his baby brother the pacifier and the baby went back to sleep.

This Mama was shocked.

I learned, my oldest cares and is good with his baby brother.

I also learned that I might over think things. All Elliott required was a little soothing.

Yeah, I was impressed. Who needs to be stressed? It will all work out.
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