Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Artificial Mirage by T. Warwick - Review

A relentless pursuit from Vietnam to Saudi Arabia in which augmented reality distorts the nature of attachment and desire. In a world where augmented reality blurs the line between the real and the computer generated, Charlie cherishes the reality of Lauren.... His life as a young American banker in Vietnam seems idyllic until a series of events precipitate her disappearance. When her trail leads to Saudi Arabia, he must navigate a criminal underworld. The stakes grow higher as it becomes apparent that reality isn’t what it once was.

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My Review: I am constantly amazed at how far AR,  augmented reality, has progressed in just the past few years. Seems like it has started popping up everywhere - apps on pizza boxes to movie posters. The Artificial Mirage takes it even farther and creates a world where AR has taken over everyone's lives. The story opens with Charlie, wrongfully accused and stripped of everything he has ever worked for. As with many sci-fi stories, there is a steep learning curve on technical terms and jargon, but once got through the first few chapters I was off and running. T. Warwick's story definitely gave me a future to think about, though not necessarily one I want.

Vivid descriptions and a fast paced plot had this story playing out like a movie in my head. Now I just really want a set of those pink fingernail stylus to navigate my tablet.

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