Friday, October 11, 2013

What Feeds Your Soul? An Oregon Chai Sweepstakes

After an exhausting week of busy nights and now kids getting over the Fall sniffles, I am ready for a Mommy recharge. When I am low on energy and need a little soul-recharging I turn to crafting - specifically knitting.

The first set of size 7 knitting needles were placed in my hands by a babysitter when I was 7. Fitting, right? For a long time that therapeutic clack of  plastic needles accompanied me everywhere. Even today I find the rhythm of knitting to be very calming and restful.

Currently on the needles? A baby blanket for Elliott, also a hat for him, a knitted pumpkin to decorate the house and waiting in the wings are a few projects I want to accomplish before my niece is born in January.

Always close at hand while I knit is a cup of something warm to drink. With the recent drop in temperature here, I have been grabbing a cup of Oregon Chai to keep me knitting and keep away the chill. I might have mentioned here on the blog (...just a few times) how much I love Oregon Chai. The mixture isn't too sweet and just spicy enough for me to enjoy again and again.

So, What Feeds Your Soul? Is it a good book? Writing or painting?

Oregon Chai has opened up a conversation about the passions that drive us with their "What Feeds Your Soul" Sweepstakes on Facebook. From now until October 22nd (5pm CDT), share a hobby you love with Oregon Chai for a chance to win a $2,000 customized prize package to pursue your passion. Enter once per day and receive a $1 OFF coupon for Oregon Chai and a $2.50 OFF coupon for Oregon CafĂ© Espresso Concentrate each time they enter.

So, again, what feeds your soul? Be sure to share and good luck.  I know $2,000 would buy a whole lot of fiber and patterns if you are a knitter like me.
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