Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013 - Alice in Wonderland

I hope you all had a great Halloween.

Being an only child I never had the opportunity to do family costumes for the holiday. I have seen so many great ideas for group costumes and this year I just had to go for it.

This year my kids watched Alice in Wonderland, the Disney version, for the first time. My son loved the idea of being the Mad Hatter, and if you know him, you know it kinda fits. I found a shop on Etsy for a lovely hand made Alice costume and we were set.

You could say Audrey and Owen had fun.

Now, I still let them each choose a costume for our annual pumpkin ride and school party. My daughter was little red riding hood and my son was a firefighter, again. If you are counting that is 4 years in a row he has asked for a firefighter costume.

As a family, I was a playing card and the baby went as the white rabbit.

First Halloween? Elliott nailed it!

I am already thinking about next year and hope to work more on the costumes myself. I haven't decided between Wizard of Oz or Peter Pan for our family costumes.

Have you seen great family costume ideas? What was the theme?
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