Friday, November 1, 2013

Show me the Money! NaBloPoMo

November 1st starts another great month of writing prompts with BlogHer's NaBloPoMo. Yeah, that's National Blog Post Month... every day, so stay tuned. Learn how to get involved and check out all the fabulous daily prompts on BlogHer.

Today is everyone's childhood dream, or maybe just mine. What would you do if a big, fat wad of cash showed up on your dresser one morning? With a clear schedule and endless possibilities, what would you do?

Short of finding Aladdin's famous lamp, it is pretty safe to say this is just a dream. But what if money was not a worry anymore? My husband and I still have college debt and plenty of bills to pay. My kids are constantly growing and there is always something breaking around the house. So, if I no longer had to worry about those items the fun could begin.

I am a homebody. I did a fair amount of traveling just after college and loved every minute of it, but I prefer to stay home. I love my family and entertaining, so if I had a large amount of money I would probably hire someone to help me design the perfect yard for hosting backyard parties.

A beautifully manicured lawn, brick pizza oven, comfortable seating and flowering bushes would create the perfect opportunity to entertain friends and enjoy those warm evenings.

I also love to bake and cook during the Winter, so I would also have to give my kitchen and dining area a make-over. Double ovens anyone? The house we live in has ample space, but a face-lift would be welcomed. I can imagine stocking my my pantry with fine wines, truffle oil and salts from around the world.

Think of all the kitchen gadgets I could own?

I am not a fancy car or big house kinda gal. Give me a new dream kitchen, lots of toys and a place to entertain and I would be happy.

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