Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Staying on Top of Our Health with The Nuby Medical Kit

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This past weekend the inevitable hit... the flu.

Yes, my family has been sick before, but with my oldest in Kindergarten we got a wave of the flu that took each and every one of us down in the house. Of course, it started with my son.

As we scrambled to find thermometers, a bulb syringe and dosing spoons, I was glad to have my Nuby Medical Kit handy. It is so convenient to have everything I needed all in one place. I also think it is one of the best gifts to give expectant Moms, even if they already have children. I personally keep this kit in my diaper bag and have other items stashed around the house. When a major illness hits, it is nice to have these items for each family member.

Believe me. I was far too sick to sanitize everything over and over.

The medical kit contains several indispensable items. It includes: a Sure-Dose Medicine Dropper, Medi Nurser, Nasal Aspirator with Ear Syringe, Medicine Spoon, Nail Clippers and Digital Thermometer.

Now, the nail clippers are important to always have handy with kids. My daughter, 4,  actually breaks her nails quite often and it is a life-savor having this tiny pair handy in my diaper bag.

The item I was most excited about though was the Medi Nurser. I have never been good at giving my babies medicine with an eye dropper. Most of it ends up being spit back up over themselves and it is always traumatic trying to get important medicine down. I have actually found that Elliott is much more willing to take his medicine and even his daily vitamins through this Medi Nurser.

A simple thermometer might be the most overlooked, but valuable tool in a Mom's arsenal. My daughter is old enough to hold it on her own, but this works great under the baby's arm as well. It is always nice to keep an eye on fevers.

My other favorite piece in this kit is the bulb syringe. Now, I used to have to buy a new one every time we had a sick baby, but the Nuby bulb syringe may be the last one I need to buy. Instead of being one solid piece that can collect mold and bacteria, this one actually comes apart so you can clean and disinfect the inside.

Very handy!

Do you have a medical kit? What is your most used item?

You can pick up your Nuby Medical Kit at Cookies Kids and on Amazon

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