Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Connect in New Ways with Playtex Bottles and Nipples

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I  spent the past 8 months bonding with my baby by nursing exclusively, but as he starts to explore the world around him and becomes mobile, I am comfortable spending a little more time outside the home and away from my little guy. You know the feeling of playing on the floor with you kids during the day and hearing the same toy sounds over and over - I deserve a little time off for good behavior, right?

Recently I have had more events come up that are not baby friendly. As much as I would love to baby wear my son to a recognition dinners or evening events, he is quickly outgrowing that. Yes, he has learned the power of the baby scream and wants to move on his own. Gone are the days of him being content with just being held.

In order to retain my Mommy sanity I need to keep up my own connections with friends and activities that I enjoy. I miss grabbing coffee or taking a local crafting class. I want a few more date nights with my husband outside the home, too, and more quality time with my older children. Whether Daddy takes the baby, or he stays with his Grandparents or a babysitter, I am ready for my nurser to take an occaisional bottle. Now I just needed to find a good bottle.

While grabbing a few of our week's essentials, I checked out the baby section at Walmart. There is a whole wall of bottle options and nipples of every size, shape and flow.

Have you seen all the current choices out there?

I selected Playtex, a brand I used for my first baby bottles over 6 years ago. The name is the same, but the products have changed. I went with the Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners. This seemed  the easiest choice for a babysitter or even my husband to use if I was out.

Bottle washing is not my favorite chore, and the disposable liners mean there isn't a big mess to clean up. The liner just slips right in, the top and nipple slide into place. There are arrows on the top and bottle that match up to show me when the top is secure. Then you can use the bottle as is, or the slide the bottle to an angled position to promote semi-upright feeding.

I also selected the Natural Latch Nipples to go with the bottle hoping they would be the most like nursing for my son.

Assembly was fast and easy. But, then came the ultimate test. Could my husband successfully feed Elliott with the new bottle?

Elliott had no idea what Daddy was up to at first, but he didn't refuse the bottle of milk. After a few minutes he settled down and enjoyed his special time with Dad.

This was a rare moment. It was a few minutes after the older children were in bed that my husband made a connection with his youngest son. He is usually busy farming all day and doesn't have many opportunities like this to stop and enjoy the baby. I enjoyed watching the two of them bond through the feeding.

Yeah, I think they will be just fine while I go out. Now the question is, what will I do first?

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With the freedom of Playtex bottles and nipples, what new connections will you make?
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