Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Days of MY Life & Cancelling Vacation

Being a full-time at-home Mom has it's perks.

And then there are those days when I really need a stiff drink and a vacation.

This year we had planned to sneak away for two days, a luxury when you are married to a farmer, to have our yearly trip to the water park. A little road trip, a different state and a break from my daily routine and I was looking forward to it.

But this year the day we planned to leave we were all sick. We sounded like a barking kennel of dogs. Sore throats abounded and my sinuses were killing me. My poor husband was still willing to drive us for 6 hours, but when I was off my game we knew it wouldn't be worth it.

Ever have to kiss a deposit goodbye? It is a sick feeling. Luckily my husband read the fine print and we were able to reschedule for later this year without a penalty. Yeah, I will be blogging more about that joyous discovery later.

So with vacation cancelled I am home with two very stir-crazy kiddos. That is where the magic of dress-up comes in.

Lovingly disorganized from hours and hours of dress-up fun, this has been the key to my sanity. My children are in love with dressing up.

Past Halloween costumes, random stuff and princess clothes make up our tub of fun. Of course themes are completely mixed when creativity is at play.

My momentarily bored kids are easily brought back from the brink with a dress-up challenge. And I love seeing how unique their take on a "silly outfit" is.

All the fun and excitement left the baby a little perplexed. He wasn't sure what was going on.

Somehow without our favorite vacation spot, the water slides and evening show there have been giggles and smiles for hours. Yes, that means there wasn't time for all the coughing or sniffles!

Maybe it wasn't vacation that I needed, but just a little bit of silly afternoon fun. We have each other and that seems to be enough.

This was MY day. How was yours?
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