Thursday, April 17, 2014

Creating Wooden Peg Dolls (pt. 2)

I broke this craft post up into two parts so I could add more photos and really show off the craft. Be sure to check out Wooden Peg Dolls Part 1. In total this doll took me, on and off, two days of sketching, painting, detailing, sealing and drying in between. If I was making more than one at a time, I would have been able to crank out several of them. Good thing, too, my kids already have a long list of dolls they want me to start on next.

Some people have asked me where to find the peg dolls. I found mine in the wood working section of my local Michael's. You can also purchase them on Etsy or online craft supply stores. Look for wooden game peices or wooden figurines.

After the last post, where I sketched out the doll and did the face, I then I started on the base color of blue for the dress. Working in thin coats of paint, I let it dry completely before adding the second coat and then sketching the details on the top. The arms, bow, etc. were all sketched on afterwards.

Then I got out a fine tip brush and a toothpick to add the details. I think a paint pen would also be a great choice.

I made simple dots for daisies on her dress, then added an outline on the bow and white dots around the neckline. The last thing I did was outline and paint the arms.

If you mess up, no problem! Let the paint dry and then sand off paint from the mistake and paint over.

The final step is to apply a glossy varnish. If you intend to give these away as children's toys, be sure to look for a non-toxic option.

The varnish goes on white. I applied a thin coat, and then another once it was dry. Yes, it does dry clear. It gives the dolls a nice finished look and helps to protect the paint underneath.

See how easy that was? Paint, wait and paint some more. But, before you know it, you will have a cute, unique little wooden peg doll.

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