Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Want the House to Smell as Fresh as Spring? Try #FebrezeSpring

This is a sponsored post from SheSpeaks and Febreze. All opinions and exerperiences are my own.

I wait all Winter for Spring to finally arrive. I look forward to throwing open the windows and letting the crisp, cool breeze in to banish the gloomy, musty Winter blahs. The smell of fresh cut grass, the warm alfalfa in the fields, flowers and laundry hanging on the line all mix to create a unique scent that only comes this season.

Well, at least I would love to "throw" the windows open. In truth, my allergies keep me inside with the windows tightly shut to keep both the pollen and clean air out.

With a family of 5, my home doesn't always smell so fresh.

*Sniff, sniff*

Febreze is here to help fill my home with the scents of Spring... without all the added sneezing and wheezing from seasonal allergies. The Febreze Spring Collection is currently available in Walmart.

Bringing all those delicious Spring scents indoors is like bringing all the fun of U-pick strawberries into the house everyday... without the threat of berry stains!

In honor of Spring I decked out the car with a Febreze Car vent clip in the scent Rain. Easy to use, this would be a great option for ridding the car of funky kid smell. Or if you just happen to forget a dirty diaper in the car overnight. Just sayin'.

The NOTICEables warmer, that plugs into any standard wall socket, was filled with the new Sweet Pea & Pink Petasl scents. This one was a little too strong for my taste, but I loved the scent. I just wish I could have turned it way down. It actually has an intensity control, but I unplugged it after a few minutes... the smell lingered for me to enjoy for a few more hours.

I also tried the Set & Refresh with Rain again. This one went in our utility room where I don't often get the chance to air out the room. With the freezer, hot water heater and storage in that room, it doesn't smell fresh or inviting. That was easy enough to change.

Be sure to check out all the fun new seasonal scents currently available at Walmart. So many freshening options out there. Find the perfect way to bring in the scents of Spring for your family.

What scents remind you of Spring?
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