Monday, May 12, 2014

Say it With Flowers - May Silhouette Challenge (Paper Craft)

It's May! ... and yes, the flowers are all blooming around the farm. We don't usually bring those blooms indoors due to allergies though. *ah-choo!* This month's Silhouette Challenge theme, flowers, gave me the chance to finally bring a few Spring inspired blooms inside.

Paper flowers are still cheery, don't you agree?

I have been eyeing the 3-D flower downloads for the past several months in the Silhouette online store. I just haven't had a reason to try them yet. This was my chance. I found a cute 3-D tulip pattern and also decided to create a simple vase to go with them.

Since my kids enjoy Danimals, we are swimming in these little plastic containers.

Anyone else see the vase potential here?

I wanted to dress it up a bit with vinyl and fell in love with a butterfly pattern designed for edging a cake plate. I altered the cut a little and added a border. Deleted the attachment points and voila!

This might have been the messiest weeding and cut I have done so far. I ended up with little peices of vinyl jammed around the blade. Luckily, I was due for a new blade anyway. "Weeding" is what you call removing the unwanted vinyl. You can see all the pieces that still needed to be removed from my pattern below.

I love my little Silhouette hook for this job. I also have a pair of sharp pointed tweezers for projects like this.

After weeding the design, I stretched it out over the containers. That seemed to help it go on the smoothest. I used both my fingers and the smoothing tool to work out any air bubbles.

The tulips were cut in 3 peices and I attached them to a piece of floral wire with Elmer's glue and glue spots. The glue spots were the easiest way to hold the petals together without having to hold them while the glue dried.

I had a few failed attempts. For some reason I resisted the spots.

They worked well though. I wonder if I can buy those little beauties in bulk...

I made an assortment of yellow and red tulips, and also cut out green leaves for my bouquet. I say, "cut", but really the machine did all the work.

The flowers were a lot of fun to put together. I weighted down the vase with a few marbles and then arranged the flowers and leaves into a bouquet.


I gave this bouquet to my son to keep on his desk and enjoy while he does his homework. He was thrilled that they won't wither or brown. This little piece of Spring can stay with him all year long.

Truly, the only thing I enjoy more than crafting, is finding a finding a good home for my creations and brightening someone else's day.

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