Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Bright Spot Following a Sad Weekend

This past weekend we lost someone dear to us. A special woman with a love of lady bugs who inspired a joy of fresh donuts in my husband as a child. Those were not her biggest accomplishments, nor were they all we will remember of her, but they were the things we talked about as a family after her passing.

Sharing stories and rememberances seemed to be the best way to honor her life.

I never dealt with grief or loss as a child and from a parent's perspective it was tough. Each child reacted to the news differently. My son was sad, accepted it and moved on quickly, very true to his personality. My daughter, on the other hand, is more emotional and has been talking about how, "I guess people don't live very long". This breaks my heart.

So I was thrilled with a little surprise that got everyone's mind off of our mortality and onto the celebration of life.

I went out to get, what I thought was, one chick... but surprise! My little blue cochin was hiding 3 fluffy chicks which have quickly been named by each child. Yes, the baby was even taken into consideration when we named the newest chic, Juice-Box. The bigger chicks are now known as Emmett and Wyldstyle. (Any other LEGO Movie fans out there?)

While these little peeping balls of fluff keep us all occupied we can marvel at the miracle of life. We can look forward to new memories we make everyday with those we love, and remember everyone who has loved us.

Have you ever talked with your children about loss? Any tips?

Have a great week.

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