Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer With Our Wheels

There is something magical about Summer bike rides. That feeling of the wind in your hair, gliding across the pavement. Well, until you hit a pothole. Ker-thunk!

As I mentioned, this past week has been more family focussed. Simple meals and simply more time spent with the kids and husband. Tonight, having recently picked up a new and larger bike for my son, we went out to get everyone on their own set of wheels. This was my daughter's first time having a bike. She had a great boost of confidence with those training wheels but I don't think she will need them for long.

Everyone was mobile.

And yes, I do mean everyone!

Okay, we didn't go far. In fact we just went up and down the street, but it was fun just the same. My oldest on his big boy mountain bike, my daughter with her training wheels, and the baby was quite happy in his Cozy Coupe. He is a big fan of the steering wheel right now.

It is the simple things I want to embrace this Summer.

My fondest Summer memories from childhood do not involve elaborate trips or exotic locations. Usually they involved me and a green and yellow bicycle with a banana seat. I think that first bicycle meant the most to me. It was a hand-me-down, but something I was so intensely proud to use. I could ride that bike for hours up and down the neighborhood.

Luckily my kids are all for that. This Summer we have a plan to make the most out of every day. Sprinklers are meant to be run through, hot afternoons were made for frozen juice pops and Summer evenings are all about getting out on a bike.

What does your family like to do on a warm Summer evening?
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