Friday, June 27, 2014

Keeping Life Fresh and Natural with Tom's of Maine

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Here on the farm there is always something to be done. Summertime is no exception! Things are in full swing. Strawberry and cherry season is already over, but now we have beans, blueberries, squash, peaches and more. Top that all off with the demands of Fall planting and a busy house full of kids and my husband and I work up quite the sweat everyday. Since so much attention goes into what we eat, it only makes sense that we would look for a long-lasting deodorant with natural ingredients like Tom's of Maine.

Deodorant doesn't grow on trees and neither do stores in the country, so when I decided to try Tom's deodorant I turned to my favorite online option, Amazon.

As a Prime customer, I found options for getting my new deodorant delivered in just 2 days. This time though I tried the Prime Pantry box. I was able to get a flat rate for the whole box and could fill it with as much as it would hold. We also use Tom's of Maine toothpaste in our house and I order that through Amazon on a monthly subscription. Now I can combine all my ordering on a monthly schedule. This saves me a lot of unwanted trips into town.

I ordered the Naturally Dry Antiperspirant and the Long Lasting unscented for myself. Chasing the kids and weed control in our family garden can leave me a dripping mess on a hot day. For those days I plan to use the Naturally Dry. But for date night or trips into the city I can use the Long Lasting option.

When I mentioned I was going to try Tom's of Maine deodorant, my husband had me grab some for him. There is a long lasting men's deodorant option. My husband has just started using it, but I am curious to see how it holds up to the demands of a busy farmer. That will be a true test.

Living on a 5-generation farm means there is a lot of old equipment.. It also means that some of the methods used have been passed down from generation to generation, just like this old tractor. Simple and natural solutions work on the farm, and we don't have a need for artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, or preservative in the food we grow. I like the idea of leaving those out of my body with natural personal care products. I like to stay #FreshNaturally.

All I ask from a deodorant is that I smell like... well, it doesn't have to be flowers, but at least it shouldn't smell bad. There is no shortage of work to be done around the house and farm. These Gerbera Daisies are desparate for a good weeding, but I know that will be one dirty and sweaty job.

Don't worry. It's on the to-do list.

Everyday there are things to be picked, processed and enjoyed. We like to embrace each season and fully utilize what is available. I pick while I can and preserve things to get us through the long Winter.

Kitchen work, with lifting and stirring over a hot stove, always works up a sweat. Do you watch any reality TV cooking competitions? We love watching "Chopped" on Food Network. The contestants are constantly wiping their brows as they slave over the grill or stove. Some days my kitchen feels like that when I am processing canned goods and keeping my family of 5 fed and happy.

We moved out here, just a short distance from where my husband and his family grew up to give our kids a memorable childhood. I wanted them to be able to collect bugs in the yard and play catch with a dog. There are some real pro's to living outside the city limits.

Looking inside a squash blossom today I noticed both a helpful insect right alongside a harmful one. That is a lot like living out in the country. Natural means we get dirty, and sometimes a little stinky working out in the garden. It is a lot of hard work and to keep cool my body tries to compensate.

I like being natural, but letting body odor or sweat stains hold me back from socializing seems unnatural.

Things are not going to stop growing around here. (At least for the next several months!) From the kids to the squash, growing is busy, dirty, fun business. Keeping everything healthy and happy keeps me busy.

And when I can do it all and stay dry I have more time to enjoy the simple pleasures of country life like a rainbow over the alfalfa field.

And now, don't mind me, but I have to get back to work. For a peek into my busy/dirty day, check out my Instagram video:

Have you tried Tom's of Maine products? Which deodorant would you like to try?
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