Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Toddler Tuesdays - Cooking!

At my son's first birthday, his Mimi got him his play kitchen. I wanted him to be able to mimic what I was doing in the kitchen.

Just through observing he has picked up on several safety tips. Hot pads are required for all sorts of projects in his kitchen.
Cooking with a toddler can be, well, a big mess. But, it can also be fun and educational at the same time. But armed with a simple recipe it can be wonderful.

Our favorite recipe to make together is banana bread. Very simple and really delicious. Found out of the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook it isn't fancy. It gives my son the chance to learn how to mash, measure and mix (his favorite part). I have to admit, he is actually getting rather good at making it. What do you like to make with your toddler?
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