Monday, April 26, 2010

Meal Plan Monday! - 4/26

Well, last week's meal plan was a big success! I over planned a bit and never got around to the Italian Restaurant Chicken or Lentil Soup recipes. We opted for leftovers on Sunday because we were all so busy. My DH was tilling berry rows & I was busy with the kiddos & working on my garden. I can't wait till the veggies & fruit start to roll in for the year.

So, our top 2 favortites were definitely the quesadillas with fresh tortillas. I even had two left over that we used for breakfast burritos. Yum! My tip for the making thin, even and round tortillas would be to use wax paper to roll them out. Below is my DH and son... DH is proudly showing his quesadilla wedge and my son is showing off an olive. His dinner was made with a PKU friendly tortilla from Cambridge Foods.

And the fresh pizza with leek & mushrooms was a big hit with my DH. I will be making that again. The smell of the crust with those fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme & oregano) was amazing!

Okay, here is what I have planned for this week:
Monday: Dinner - Italian Chicken (from Make-Ahead Meals for Busy Moms -Win a Copy!)
Tuesday: Dinner - Spaghetti Night
* home made pasta (standard recipe will be posted, I promise to do it this week!)
* home made marinara sauce (will be posted)
Wednesday: Dinner - Oyakodon (Japanese chicken & egg over rice - I will try to get this recipe up)
Thursday: Dinner - Fettuccine Carbonara (recipe from Cook's Country)
* home made pasta
* Reduced fat version uses evaporated milk and is supposed to be quick
Friday: Dinner - Lentil Soup & Fresh Baked Breadsticks
Saturday: Dinner - Baked potatoes & steamed broccoli
Sunday: Dinner - Probably Sunday dinner with family (TBA)

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