Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get Your Squeeze On!

Lemonade. Yum. I just had to share one of my new obsessions/gadget finds with you. In my previous post I told you all about iced tea and my love of Arnold Palmers (iced tea & lemonade). Yes, I could buy premade or frozed lemonade from concentrate... but, that wouldn't be from scratch, now would it? ...and not nearly the fun!

Do you own either of these lemon-y helpers? Not bad for squeezing a lemon or maybe two... but not very practical for tackling an entire box of lemons. Yes, I asked for an entire box. Some might say I have a warped idea of fun. (Hee-hee!) Last summer we flirted with an electric lemon juicer... we broke it while making our strawberry lemonade. It might serve a wet bar well, but it didn't pass muster in my kitchen. This year we opted for a KitchenAid 9 cup citrus juicer attachment for my food processor. This is a slick tool.

We ordered it off of Amazon.com and I put it to use as soon as it arrived. Just half the lemons, put in place, gently push the handle and turn on the food processor. Easy, peasey, lemon squeezey!

With what took us a couple of hours last year, this time it only took minutes. And now on to the fresh squeezed lemonade recipe:

You Will Need:
Several Lemons (6 to be safe) *lemons vary wildly. Large lemons are not always juicier... sometimes they are quite pithy. Get an extra one or two to be sure. You need 1 full cup of juice.
1 c. sugar
1 c. water

Make a simple syrup with your sugar & water to prevent the need to stir the sugar back in. Just heat your water & sugar over medium heat till all the sugar melts. Do not boil. Feel free to change the sweetener ratio if you want or use honey or alternative sweetener.

This just gives you a base to work with. Stir all together and dilute with 2-3 cups of water. I usually keep the concentrated syrup in the fridge to save space and dilute it as we drink it. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer - I did not receive any product or incentive to write this post. All opinions are mine. I just wanted to share a great product that really helped me.
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