Thursday, June 3, 2010

What is Wrong With Us?

Has it ever happened to you? ... NO ONE else seems to have a problem? Seemed like my DH & I were missing something. Surely a child's toy could not defeat us...

Oh, it came close...

After experiencing my DH attacking a non-cooperative plastic part with a mallet I decided to totally girl out and check the instructions for myself. Sadly, after checking and rechecking the diagrams and watching the instructional video on putting together our Cozy Coupe, I was no closer to getting the pieces in. So, I called customer service.

Not only was I connected quickly, but was assured that yes, it looked easy in the video but he is a pro. My customer service person was kind enough to let me know she has put the Coupe together herself and offered us a few tips.

*Get a hair dryer handy to heat up the end piece
*try butter as a lubricant
*It will go together - Okay, we were skeptical at this point!

Once heated and lubricated it fit together. I was a little disappointed that it had been so difficult to assemble, but Little Tikes' customer service was so fabulous I wasn't unhappy. Also, seeing my son's face beaming in his new Cozy Coupe was enough to help me forget the hours & frustration with a few silly parts.

And if you are curious, my DH had a good laugh later because he found fixing a tractor and my blender (remember my Kitchen-Aid fail?) easier than putting together his son's plastic toy car. He is quite handy... this was just a little out of the ordinary.
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