Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Remember Childhood?


As a child, what did you enjoy doing? What made your heart sing for no other reason than you really enjoyed it. Childhood is a time uncomplicated by most health problems, work or many obligations. When I was younger I remember playing outside for hours. I had a hand-me-down yellow and green bike that was my whole world. There were some days I barely moved off of that banana seat. There was a church parking lot directly across from our house and I rode around and around it. Then when I started elementary school there was a jump rope club during recess and directly after school. So, when I couldn't be on my bike I was jumping my heart out with my red and white jump rope... courtesy of the American Heart Association.

The other week I pulled out a jump rope and was filled with nostalgia. The problem was, when I started jumping my shins screamed,  my lunges were burning for air and I just couldn't keep it up. The heavy thud as I hit the floor were also not appealing. What happened? Okay, besides the added weight, age and time... Where did the love go?

This week as I hoped to join the rank of Mamavation Moms before me, I thought a lot about my lost love of moving and exercise. During hazing I came to enjoy the jumping jacks and butt kickers. They were surprisingly fun. The planks and crunches were harder and left me feeling pretty weak. I wonder what happened to that little girl who loved to move and did so all day long. At this point I still don't know the results for campaign 7, and that is okay. Regardless of the outcome, I want to find the little girl in me who still loves her bike and can't jump high enough.

...and now for the moment of truth. Here in all my BEFORE glory, is the real me.

Now I understand why folks look so unhappy in their before pictures. Oh, my! I just have to remember who I am losing this weight for

This is part of my first requirement for the Move it & Lost it Challenge ... or my first step as Mamavation Mom. Either way, take a look and know the next time you see this, it there will be less of me to love.

And my measurements are:
bust - 41.5 inches
waist - 42.5 inches
hips - 48 inches
thighs - 29.5 inches
arms - 14 inches
calves - 17 inches

My starting weight for the Move it and Lose it Challenge is:

A loss of 1.2 lbs!! 
Woo-hoo! - and the return of the striped socks.

 I want to thank Earth Footwear  for sponsoring the Move it and Lose it Challenge and for encouraging  all of us to live a healthier lifestyle. You can chat with them on twitter as @EarthFootwear.

Last Week's Goals
  • Complete the Yoplait Tune Up this week
  • Continue the EA Sports Active workouts for the week (4 total)
  • Meal Plan and log my food intake for the week
  • Get 1 hour of walking, jogging or running a day
  • Increase my water consumption and continue with the no soda, no alcohol rule.
I had a great week! I finished up my yogurt challenge and though I enjoyed it, I want to cut out the sugar and HFCs, so will be looking at other breakfast options. I completed my daily Mamavation hazing, jumping jacks, planks, crunches, squats and even tacked some Mt. Climbers. Good times. I did keep better track of my food and stuck to my water rule, but I didn't get in the 1 hr. of walking or jogging a day. I used the weather as an excuse, but I need to put on my big girl panties and just do it!

This Week's Goals
  • Cook my way through the Skinny Bitch in the Kitchen book (vegan cooking)
  • Continue the EA Sports Active workouts for the week (4 total)
  • Carefully monitor my portion sized and not eat over 1500 calories a day.
  • Get 1 hour of walking, jogging or running a day, with aid of the treadmill.
  • Increase my water consumption and continue with the no soda, no alcohol rule.
I should get my copies of Wii Let's Dance 2 and Kid's Let's Dance. So, I hope to get some good quality time in with my kids and some dancing. I am hopeful it will be a great week and I hope to see a 2 lb drop. I was 1 lb under that goal last week.

I tried my first Skinny Bitch in the Kitch recipe... I tried the French Scramble and my DH didn't even miss the eggs. - It substitutes firm tofu and tumeric for the eggs. Yum! Add to that some hot water with lemon, berry smoothie and an avocado and you have a great Sunday brunch.

There is still time to vote, and I could really use your support to be one of the next Mamavation Moms. Please vote for @notimeMom
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